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11 Aug

Hotel Don Fidel in front of COVID-19

Hotel Don Fidel, a safe hotel

For the Don Fidel Hotel in Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza), the fundamental pillars are:

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Feeling at home

At the beginning of the situation that unfortunately we have had to live, the Don Fidel Hotel has faced it as a challenge, to continue giving service to the people that needed it and to take all the security measures to not regret problems with the staff and our clients.

Stamps safe space

The Don Fidel hotel was named an essential hotel during the state of Alarma. From that moment on, all the measures of hygienic-sanitary risks have been adopted against COVID-19, specifically the order SND/399/2020 of May 9th (BOE nº 130) as well as the protocols of action published by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism coordinated by the ICTE after its validation by the Ministry of Health.

Special protocols have been drawn up for all our departments, always guaranteeing the safety of clients and workers.

Mama Carmina Restaurant with Covid-19 measures

Dep. Restoration:

The first days of the pandemic, until the commonly called “new normality”, all the restaurant service was served by Room Service with 0 contact, while our restaurant was under renovation.

Since the opening of our restaurant Mama Carmina, a new distribution of the bar as the tables has been made to meet all the needs set out with respect to capacity and services of the Ministry of Health.

Reception Dept:

Disinfection of shared materials, surfaces…

Keeping the safety distances with the use of mandatory mask after the Order SND/422/2020, of May 19th, it is obligatory to use masks in closed spaces for people over 6 years old.

A safety lamp has been installed and a maximum capacity has been set in the common areas.

Extension of epis, such as disinfectant gel, disposable gloves, tissues and masks available to staff, as well as to customers who need them.

Use of QR codes, both for the room services, and for any notice, so that all clients have the information on their mobile phones.

The use of the lift is limited to the number of people in the same room.

Restricted hours according to phases marked by the central government, such as the Government of Aragon, have been informed at all times.

Replacement of the physical bill by an electronic bill, to avoid contact, as well as payment by card, avoiding payment in cash.

Room cleaning:

Extension of the cleaning protocols with products permitted and tested by the Ministry of Health.

Reinforcement of Epis for workers.

Removal of all signs and non-disposable stationery and replacement with QR codes.

Daily hygiene of the rooms.

Certified healthy space Biow

In addition to the daily sanitization, we have to add the disinfections by virucides authorized by the Covid-19, carried out by the company Zaragozana, Bionext. A disinfection that is carried out twice a week in the common areas of the hotel.

The last novelty has been the acquisition of Biow equipment, the professional health system capable of eliminating particulate matter, VOCs, gases, viruses, bacteria and nanoparticles thanks to the patented ION multi-layer filtering system with continuous laminar air flow.

We know that this is a job we have to continue doing and improving it day by day. To date, the Don fidel hotel has not had to regret any Covid-19 infections in its facilities.

Bionext disinfection certificate

From these lines we want to inform our customers of some of our measures, as well as publicly recognize the work of all the staff who has made an effort in these difficult days to continue offering the best service without being able to count on the best conditions.

Together we will put an end to the virus!

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